Andre Frey

Native in English, French, Spanish and German

Andre Frey.jpg



by Lloyd Smith - Sedos Company

Acting as Phil
The Bridewell Theatre - London, UK
September 2021


by Mark Prince - CA Actors Company

Acting as Laertes
The Ditch, Shoreditch Town Hall - London, UK
September 2021

Improv Show

by Simprov Company

The Bridewell Theater - London, UK
September 2021

The Last Banker (performed rehearsed reading)

by Anna Markland - KDC Company

Acting as Hans
Drayton Arms Theatre - London, UK
July 2021

Standing on the Shoulders of Ants (performed rehearsed reading)

by Thalia Gonzalez Kane - KDC Company

Acting as Lee
Drayton Arms Theatre - London, UK
July 2021


by Nikki Colson

Acting as Matt
Atlanta, USA
January 2019


Film & TV

Return of the Goat by Otto Bathurst

Branded Film: YT Industries / Smuggler

Acting as Bruce Byrne

Slovenia - November 2020

Classified: The Time Traveler by Mikis Fernandez

TV Show Pilot

Acting as Bruce Byrne

Paris - July 2020

Les Reflets de la Passion by VDTfilm

Independent Film

Acting as Eric

Paris - June 2020

Adieu Mr. Haffman by Fred Cavayé

Feature Film

"Day player" speaking part in German as a Nazi Biker

Paris - June 2020

Anusandhan by Sayantan Ghoshal

Feature Film

"Day Player" speaking part as Server

London - September 2020

Short Films

Chronicles: Sandstone

by Adrian Lizst - LizstMedia Group

Acting as Jack
London, UK
October 2020


by Haojie Lu

Acting as Pan
London, UK
September 2020

Crime and Punishment

by Rhys Holland

Acting as Aaron
London, UK
September 2020

Je suis un détail
Nikon Festival Finalist

by Camille Hattu and Juliette Zybura - Pipole Prod

Acting as Eliott
Paris, France
December 2019


by Shuni Chopra Dhar

Acting as Enzo
Paris, France
July 2019

Heat Wave

by Olivia De Camps

Acting as the barman
Paris, France
July 2019

No Filter

by Awais Bashir

Acting as the roommate
Atlanta, USA
April 2019

Hike Up

by Shintaro Ochiai

Acting as Dawson
Atlanta, USA
April 2019

Cupid covers his eyes

by Yifan Chen

Acting as Jude
Atlanta, USA
March 2019


by Awais Bashir

Acting as Miles
Atlanta, USA
February 2019


by Nikki Colson

Acting as Matt
Atlanta, USA
January 2019

The Couch

by Neta Zuk

Acting as Austin
Atlanta, USA
October 2018


Commercials, Web Series, Photoshoots & More


  1. Marks and Spencer: Summer Picnic & BBQ - Shot by Three Shades Creative - April 2021

  2. Zurich Insurance - Shot by Video2Web - Oct. 2020

  3. Heyme - An ad for an insurance company aimed at young adults - Shot By Vertical Station - May 2020

  4. Amazon - An ad for Amazon's product: Alexa - Shot by Bijoute - Nov. 2019

  5. Cao Cao Go - An ad for their mobile app - Shot by Mespace Studio - Nov. 2019


  1. RADIO: The Screwtape letters - Recorded voice over of a Demon character - by John Ryder for Flame CCR - Jan. 2021

  2. MUSIC VIDEO: Poisoned Lullaby - Shot by Lauren Hillier - Sep. 2020


  1. CC-Cashmere clothing brand - By Antanas Martinkus - Nov. 2020

  2. Radwah Man clothing brand - by Abi Ismail - Nov. 2020

  3. Spring tech - by Rob Greig - Oct. 2020

  4. SRED NAMAL clothing brand - by Anders Lam - Sep. 2020

  5. Valerio clothing store - Sep. 2020

  6. Polaroidoriginals - by Jordan Thompkins - Apr. 2019

Web Series / Corporate

  1. 5G Fact or Fiction - puts forward a debate aiming at revealing the truth behind 5G. I played a member of the 5G opposers. - Shot by Claire Gong - Sep. 2020

  2. An educational story for schools -  tells the story of Jules (me) by showing a week in his life - Shot by Bafalouka Aristeidis for Schools and linked to educational books - Jul. 2020

  3. A story about real estate - tells the story of a young man (played by me) joining a real estate firm and adapting to that new environment - Shot by Mine de Savoir for Real Estate Colleges - Oct. 2019


Acting Training

The Unseen Drama

London, UK

6 weeks, 2021

Long-form Improvisation, The FA

London, UK

8 weeks, 2021

City Academy 5 courses: Meisner; Acting Improvers; Dance; Musical Theater Improvers; Acting through Song

London, UK

(5x) 10 weeks, 2020-2021

Cours Florent

Paris, France

1 year, 2019-2020

Mountview Workshop

Paris, France

1 week intensive, 2020

School of Theatre at Georgia State University

Atlanta, USA

1 semester, 2019

The Company Acting Studio

Atlanta, USA

1 year, 2018-2019

Diggelmann School

Lausanne, Switzerland

1 year, 2017-2018



4 Languages at a native level

  • English: I lived in the US

  • French: I lived in France

  • Spanish: Mother tongue

  • German: "Father" tongue

Special Skills

  • Car driver's license B

  • Motorcycle driver's license A2

  • Horse-riding

  • Firearms handling

  • Piano


  • Basketball

  • Soccer

  • Swimming

  • Skiing

  • Snowboarding

  • Tennis


Physical Characteristics


6ft 2 or 188 cm


Light  Brown